The Nike “Noise Cancelling” pack includes Air Jordan 1, Air Force 1, and Cortez

The Nike Noise Cancelling Air Jordan 1 celebrates Queens, New York native Nigel Sylvester’s can’t-lose attitude and fearless spirit. A white-on-white, customizable leather upper gives this Air Jordan I unmatched versatility, just like Sylvester’s world-class BMX style.

Few have a talent for cancelling out the noise like Odell Beckham Jr. The Air Force 1 Low from the Noise Cancelling Pack takes cues from the football star’s loud talent, charismatic personality and game-changing plays, allowing wearers to customize the all-white upper to fit their unique aesthetic.

With everyday style and grand slam elegance, the Cortez shares more than a few things in common with Maria Sharapova. The Noise Cancelling Pack version of the California classic sports a white-on-white, customizable upper that encourage individual style without sacrificing sleek design.